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Colin is a serious runner who you're most likely to find hitting the roads on a weekday.

Colin is a midday runner, a great way to start the day in the office, to give you that first boost of adrenaline! Further analysis shows that Colin works out on a Monday or a Sunday. He tends to go for long runs on a Monday or a Thursday too.

  • 1,007 miles
  • 224 runs
  • 5 day streak
  • 19,080 feet

In the last year Colin has been on a very respectable 224 runs, covering a total of 1,007 miles over 149 hours. His longest running streak is 5 non-stop days, that's a lot of consecutive days hitting the road (or trail). If he keeps clocking up this mileage he'll have run the length of the Amazon River in four years, not bad going. We'd classify Colin as a serious runner, someone who is dedicated to training and reaching new distances. During these runs he has climbed 19,080 feet, that's the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest two times, wowzers.

Here's Colin's running schedule over the past year, coloured by the type of run:

Longer runs in blue, and speedier sessions in black, and all the other hours spent plodding the streets in orange.

Colin's runs receive an average of 8 kudos from his 115 friends and followers. His stand-out run for the year was NT 10k which received 43 kudos.

You're most likely to find Colin hitting the road in North Tyneside, which is where he spends 82% of his time running. However he's also been spotted in Leeds and Edinburgh. There are also rumoured sightings of Colin in the more far-flung location of London.

You'll find Colin snapping the occasional picture while on a run. Here are a few of the 31 photo's he's taken this year:

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